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Internship Program

We provide meaningful and engaging work and support the free exchange of ideas. From the first day on the job, you will be encouraged to expand your knowledge. This includes getting familiar with our working environment, with a focus on assimilating as much know-how as possible.

Within the dedicated 3 months, you will take part in an internal project, which you will code from scratch, with the support of a dedicated mentor. This journey will enable you to develop your professional and interpersonal skills through work experience, while having the opportunity to collaborate on a project focused on cloud technologies.

We aim to make you feel like you belong in our team. To this end, we intend to work out a hybrid working plan (meaning partly from home, and partly from the office). The schedule is flexible, and we are interested in finding the solution that works best for both parties.


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What we offer

The project will highlight some of the core technologies we use here at Sparktech, and will act as a sort of tutorial for real-world projects.