What we do

We’re a product development consulting company focused on designing and developing scalable high-performance web and mobile applications.

Creating software is more than writing clean, well-​engineered, maintainable code. It’s about building a team that constantly delivers on time and within budget.

We target a continuous deployment process, constantly striving to improve our code quality, test coverage and choosing the best stack for the job, while enhancing estimations and hitting milestones.

Who we are

Since 2005, we’ve grown into one of the most experienced teams within the web dev ecosystem. Along with our deep expertise with Ruby on Rails, we’ve used a lot of tools, libraries&frameworks. Our portfolio ranges from big data solutions, enterprise tools to consumer-facing e-commerce platforms.

On the mobile dev front, we are on the edge of tech trends and enjoy using the latest design patterns for both Android and iOS. Also, we’ve become proficient in integrations: social sign-ins (FB, TW, G+), payment gateways, geo coding & location services, e-mail marketing.

Skills & Knowledge

The skill matrix behind our commitment is based on extensive knowledge
focused on the latest technologies and frameworks.

Our Values

We value clarity and availability. This is what drives us in being fully transparent with our clients. Throughout the development process, we are in constant strong communication of vision and progress.

Actually, each customer has access to the project management & ticketing system we use to work on project priorities, features, bugs and change requests.


Also, the current state of the application is always available. We maintain a very close feedback loop.

Our Agile environment, short iterations, early demos and the focus on delivery with intermediary releases are essential to our daily activity.