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What you’re going to do

The project will be part of a complex ecosystem, where communication must be ensured via APIs. It will be a sandbox inspired by a real-world scenario, designed to familiarize you with some of the core technologies and processes we use here at Sparktech, and will act as a hands-on tutorial for real-world projects.

What we’re looking for


Your curiosity and willingness to learn are your most valuable assets at this stage of your career. There is much to learn, but if you are patient and persevering, you will gradually overcome all of the obstacles in your path to become a skilled engineer and valued member of the team.

Good communication skills and an optimistic attitude will help you connect with your team and increase your productivity. You can always find something new to learn from those around you if you are willing to listen, and teamwork can find solutions in even the most daunting of problems.

The difference between something good and something great will come from your attention to detail and drive to do better than last time. Your mentor will help guide you forward, but it is ultimately up to you to take those steps. Learning how to ask the right questions, and being willing to research on your own will gradually unlock more of your creativity and potential. Your passion towards software development will fuel your inspiration to come up with original ideas on how to get things done. All these will have a major impact on your results.


To complete the ideal candidate profile, you need to have: